Image by Katt Yukawa

what we do

Closet of Caring is a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to help the houseless community by providing clothing and other essential items. In addition, we perform community service in our hometown of Cuyahoga Falls.


We collect donations of clothing, blankets, toiletries and other essentials. Several times per month we distribute these items to the homeless population in the city of Akron, OH. Folks are permitted to take as much as they need, and no questions are ever asked beyond how they’re doing and what else we can do to assist them.


In addition, we assemble “Blessing Bags” which typically consist of the following essential items: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Chapstick, hand sanitizer, lotion, socks, snacks and bottled water. These are all put into a drawstring backpack for convenience in addition to the fact that a lot of our recipients don’t have anything reusable to carry their possessions in.


While our primary focus is homeless outreach, we received a request from a new Mom in need of some assistance soon after our origin and we went to work to assist her. Through our network of supporters and the community at large, we were able to put together a “New Mama” package of necessary items for an expectant mother. With this, our reputation for community outreach was born and as of April 27th, 2021 we've distributed 16 community care packages to families in need of a helping hand.


Our motto is “When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.”


Growing up, my Dad always told me “You can’t save the entire world, Kimberly.” And he’s right. I can’t. But with the help of the community and financial donations from our supporters, Closet of Caring will help as many of the estimated 1000 homeless people in the Akron area (250 of which are living unsheltered) as we possibly can. And that’s good enough for me.