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Current Needs

As of 10/29 we are only accepting the following clothing items:

warm winter coats

hats, gloves, and scarves

new mens socks

fleece blankets (the inexpensive, rolled type) These are the preferred blanket at outreach as they are easy to carry.

As more clothing clears, I will update here and we will be able to take other things. For now, I want to concentrate on keeping our friends warm as temps drop.

We will of course keep taking essentials. Currently needs are:


Drawstring Bags





Always nonperishable snacks and water/juice

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Christmas  is  coming

This year, I have a goalof providing 60 gift bags and warm meals to our friends. Our holiday party will take place the first Saturday in December for anyone who wishes to help. 

To complete our gift bags, we will need the following:
(60) new hats
(60) new gloves
(60) new scarves
(60) fleece roll blankets
(60) packages socks 
(60) hot hands
(60) journals
(60) pens
(60) coats would be amazing

We will also be making my famous lasagna. Anyone who wants to help make/transport/Contribute/ serve, please let me know!

Year round needs

Drawstring backpacks

Toiletries (travel size), Toothbrushes, Toothpaste (any size)

Hygiene items (wipes, deodorant)

Bags (large, reusable shopping bags)

Snacks (non-perishable) & water

Men’s clothing (in season)

Socks (mens)

Bar Soap






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